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Total Market Cap 🛈

24h Volume (Global) 🛈

Circulating Supply 🛈

929,000,281 EOS
Max Supply 1,006,245,120
Circulating Supply 929,000,281
Total Supply 1,006,245,120
Issue Date 2017-07-02
Cryptographic Algo N/A
Consensus Protocol DPOS
GitHub https://github.com/EOSIO
White Paper https://whitepaperdatabase.com/eos-whitepaper/
Explorer http://eosflare.io/
Website https://eos.io/
What is EOS and how does it work?

EOS is a decentralized platform which is based on the blockchain technology. Block.One based in the Cayman Islands is the company behind EOS. Block.One is led by two industry experts (Blockchain) that is Brendon Blumer and Dan Larimer. Brendon Blumer has been in involved in Blockchain since 2014 mainly working with currency exchange companies while Dan Larimer is the creator of delegated proof-of-stake and decentralized autonomous organizations. Operating as a decentralized platform, the main aim of EOS is to process fast and free transactions. In the quest to achieve its aim, EOS does possess the same qualities that are possessed by Ethereum which allows smart contracts to be built thereby allowing developers to release DAPPS. However, EOS’ smart contracts are of a higher value as they allow fast transaction speed, the aim being to process a million transactions in a second (Ethereum another smart contract technology only allows 15 transactions per second). On top of it all, while allowing fast transaction speed, EOS aims at removing all transaction fees such that developers and users of DAPPS don’t have to pay anything to access the apps.

In real life, what the above entails is this. First, EOS will operate as an operating system talk of your Google, Yahoo and so forth. However, as this is a decentralized platform, it means that users who access DAPPS, that is, decentralized apps will be able to acquire apps that are not controlled by any network or individual hence no one can get access to one’s personal information. If your instance Facebook becomes a DAPP app operating on the EOS blockchain, it means that no one will be controlling it and no one will have access to the personal information of other app users! Moreover, as EOS is aiming at removing all transaction fees, it means that it will be completely free to access a DAPP app! While operating mainly as an operating system, EOS does have its own cryptocurrency. It is this cryptocurrency which enables users to initiate transactions. EOS’ cryptocurrency is also termed EOS.

Purchasing EOS is a simple process. The first thing that one needs is to open an EOS wallet. The EOS wallet enables one to store the code that gives access to EOS tokens. There are generally two advisable options to go for here. First, one can decide to store the code in an offline device or to opt for an online account. Once one opens the EOS wallet, then the next step is to head over to Cryptomate to purchase the tokens. At Cryptomate, one will need to use the online banking service to place an order. This can be done using a GBP online banking account. After placing the order, all that one needs is to wait for some minutes for the EOS tokens to reflect in the wallet. Purchasing EOS tokens on Cryptomate is a safe process that’s entirely legal hence there is nothing to worry about.

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Cryptomate is the best place that one can visit to buy EOS. Cryptomate allows everyone the opportunity to buy EOS tokens with fiat currency (GBP) meaning there is no need to convert your conventional money into another cryptocurrency first before exchanging that crypto for EOS. In addition, Cryptomate protects all communication on the site including financial details using 256-bit SSL technology making it a safe and secure environment for conducting transactions. The exchange platform does not keep any customer details in its servers meaning there is zero likelihood of hackers accessing your information.

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