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Total Market Cap 🛈

24h Volume (Global) 🛈

Circulating Supply 🛈

9,787,094,770 ETN
Max Supply 21,000,000,000
Circulating Supply 9,787,094,770
Total Supply 9,787,094,770
Issue Date 2017-10-31
Cryptographic Algo CryptoNight
Consensus Protocol POW
GitHub https://github.com/electroneum
White Paper http://www.electroneum.eu/../white-paper.pdf
Explorer https://blockexplorer.electroneum.com/
Website https://electroneum.com/
What is Electroneum (ETN) and how does it work?

Electroneum (ETN) is the world’s first user-friendly mobile-oriented digital currency. Created in 2017, Electroneum is headed by Richard Ells. The main aim of Electroneum (ETN) when it was created was to replace in-game virtual money with valuable game currency in the form of crypto. However, Electroneum’s focus has shifted since 2017 as its focus now is on payment processing. ETN is virtually a mobile cryptocurrency that can be mined on smartphones! At the moment, smartphones running on Android operating systems are the only capable of supporting Electroneum (ETN) mining but the company promises that soon, iOS smartphones will be able to process Electroneum (ETN) mining. Electroneum (ETN) is based on another cryptocurrency called Monero. Monero is renowned for its privacy features and unsurprisingly, Electroneum (ETN) also prioritizes privacy. It is due to this that Electroneum (ETN) is different from cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin which are open source and whose transactions can be viewed by anyone when they access the public ledger. Electroneum (ETN) uses a stealth address which hides the recipient’s funds from being linked to the wallet.

What makes Electroneum (ETN) unique to all other cryptocurrencies is the mobile mining feature. Mobile mining is pretty much easy in comparison to other types of mining hence even people with basic computer skills can partake in it. Even more impressive is the fact that mobile mining is not energy consuming and it uses only a negligible amount of internet data. Those who are quick enough to learn the strategy of mining on their mobile devices can proceed to become full miners on a computer. As a way of encouraging more people to embrace Electroneum (ETN), the Electroneum (ETN) team has struck a deal with XIUS, a telecommunication company that promotes the use of mobile mining app to offset costs of owning a smartphone. While the focus of Electroneum (ETN) has shifted to payment processing, the company is still focused on online gaming where the aim is to replace in-game currencies with Electroneum (ETN) tokens. What this means is that players playing video games such as World of Warcraft after completing tasks will be paid out in a currency that can be easily converted to fiat or other cryptocurrencies! Such a move will no doubt encourage players to play more. For the gaming companies, they could charge fees on depositing and withdrawing Electroneum (ETN) tokens from their ecosystem.

There are many advantages of using Electroneum (ETN) as can be noted from the above which include the fact that this digital currency has privacy features which means it is highly fungible. As such, owing to its many advantages, Electroneum (ETN) appeals to many people. Those who would love to acquire some Electroneum (ETN) tokens can easily do so when on Cryptomate. On Cryptomate, all that one needs to purchase Electroneum (ETN) tokens is a GBP funded online banking account. Purchasing Electroneum (ETN) tokens on Cryptomate is safe, legal and instant as it takes just under an hour for the purchased tokens to reflect in one’s wallet after placing an order.

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